How To Speechify Before Downtown Rotarians -- Tell Tales About Larry Caferio

"I'm Glad You Asked Me To Come Here Today..."

Actually, I was so anxious to return to Rotary to make another appearance, I came a month early. which was unfortunate. On the other hand, my boss at the Miami Herald said, it's better than being a month late. So much for that.

On the way to Rotary, I passed a barber shop and there, gentlemen, is where you have really seen changes. My boss, Larry Cafiero, is a case in point. In the 60's, the poor but honest newspaperman was depicted hair slicked down, like a Vitalis ad. Then he went shaggy. And so did a lot of you.

Like an artichoke that's too late for peeling. Then, he went to J. Baldi for a hair styling. That's not like going for a haircut. You got to sit under the dryer. He's happy to report that Jim Baldi blew the dandruff out of his scalp. And nearly his scalp too.

Each morning he has to wash his hair, shampoo and blow it dry. This is not the easiest exercise. However, with the help of an electric fan, Larry manages. Then he sprays it.With hair spray. It gets in his eyes. Have you tried it yourself?

Eventually, one gets to know which way to point the nozzle. He also has to flip it. and if this is getting to you, consider what happened to him.

After he got his Baldi hair styling, he went home. His five kids thought it the ultimate groove but said, "Please grow your mustache back and be a 41-year-old hippy dippy again."

If this is getting to you, two girls whistled at him enroute to the office. Actually, it was in front of the Herald building....and whistles came from a taxi cruising nearby. Even Strange Bruce at Raffa's bar called him "Sweetie."