"Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher, Britain's Only Woman Prime Minister Passes

Baroness Margaret Thatcher ruled for 11 "remarkable" years.  At 87, Britain's only woman Prime Minister died of a stroke this morning in her home.

"It is with great sadness that we announce that Baroness Thatcher died of stroke," told her children, Mark and Carol Thatcher. "She died peacefully in her sleep."

Prime Minister Thatcher saved Britain from ruin and laid the groundwork for economic renaissance. A grocer's daughter, she wanted a "classless society." A poorly, rundown nation to run was no piece of cake, even if she was more like angel food compared to the devil's food of precedents in office.

Once in power she never looked back. She never showed an ounce of doubt," her spokesman Lord Bell told the media. The irony is that her country made her one of the 'lords and ladies' of Great Britain. Margaret never "lorded it" over anyone. God rest her soul.