Is That Santa Dreaming Of A "White Christmas"? No, It's Someone Doing A Laundromat Trick

Lighten your load to the Laundromat with a pillow case. First put in the clothes and then one cup of powdered detergent mixed in with the clothing.

So instead of lugging a box or bottle of detergent, you'll have only the amount you need to go into the washing machine with the clothes. (Do we need to tell you to see if there's a hole in the pillowcase?) Empty the pillowcase and detergent into the washer with the clothes.


Tomorrow's forecast promises a warmish spring day. (But are any weather forecasters SURE?)

You want to go sleeveless but you've got that unsightly bruise! (We cracked a book and found out!) Spread a thin layer of blackstrap molasses on a piece of brown paper (grocery bag) and apply the molasses side to the bruise.

Then bind it in place with a piece of medical tape and leave it there for a few hours. Your skin color should go from black and blue to looking more normal -- maybe even free and clear!