It's Better To Give Than Receive. (Besides, You Don't Have To Send Thank You Notes!)

You can't take it with you but you can send it on ahead. Being a giver makes you live longer. And healthier.
 I see evidence in the faces of the givers photographed for the Herald's Lifestyle section on Sunday. Those who were the top givers years ago when I covered society, are front-and-center in "South Florida Album." My Social magazine ceased coverage in 2008. I started it as "The Good News" monthly in 1982. Our columnists collectively covered Miami and Miami Beach like a blanket that never wears out.
Before there was a Patricia and Philip Frost Museum of Science, when the attractive young couple commenced to give like their hearts were in the arts, they were attractive attendees at charity affairs.

On March 9, nearly 1,000 business and civic leaders attended their annual Galaxy Gala and Big Bang in support of the facility inspired by the new Museum's 500,000-gallon aquarium. It gladdened my heart to see so many familiar faces still beam spontaneous smiles and healthy countenances.

Let me count the bonhomie givers whose smiling faces seem to nod in my direction: perennials Dan and Trish Bell, Museum CEO Gillian Thomas, the Frosts and the Bachelors, Nancy and John; Nicole and Edgar Lozano, (co-chairs of the Gala), Paul and Swanee DiMare, Ramona and Aldo Busot, Taffy Gould, Brenda Nestor Castellano and Terry Buoniconti, Peter and Electra Spillis. I knew them well, wish them well and salute their generosity.