Let's Hear Some More From Samoa. Airline First To Charge Passengers For Their Weight

It's the fairest way to fly -- says Samoa Air CEO Chris Langdon.

"In some cases, passengers actually end up spending less money than the regular fare," he advises. "The industry has this concept that all people throughout the world are the same size.

"Aeroplanes always run on weight, irrespective of the seats."

Is that fair? What about the walking pup tents that waddle down the aisle?

The coverage takes care of those passengers whose pulchritude extends beyond seat proportions.

Samoa Air, which opened in 2012, asks passengers to declare their personal weight during booking, which is then charged per kilogram (2.2 pounds) at a rate dependent on flight length. The customers will also be weighed at check-in.

You'll hear sighs from those whose thighs are not oversize.