Lois Pope Plays Nice As Super Philanthropist But Her Son Paul Is Appalling

Think you have trouble with YOUR kids? As columnist Fred Grimm summed it up: "So much for plans to up my kid's allowance by $36 million."

Palm Beach philanthropist Lois Pope, inherited beaucoup millions when her husband, Generoso Pope, who owned National Enquirer, died. But her son Paul 's $20 million wasn't enough. He is not nice to his mother. Read the Herald story and see how lucky you are not to have Paul Pope as your son.

My bosom pal from Miami, Ruth Annan (she and her hubby Jim retired to South Miami from Time magazine), moved to Boynton Beach when Ruth was hired to be Research Director of the National Enquirer which Generoso Pope owned and ran in Lantana, and I was paid for giving news tips while writing for The Miami Herald; their pay for corroboration or terrible truth was abundantly generous.

Compared to his odious conduct now, son Paul was a speck in the eye in the early days. Fred Grimm writes, "Apparently, his dissipated fortune was not frittered away on personal trainers." The Herald story runs 35" with a 12" jump. I know Lois from taking her photograph for my Social magazine with Nick Buoniconti and his son, Marc, who run the charity whose purpose is to make paralyzed people walk again. She is not a pushy broad like some givers.

Paul David Pope, 45, inherited $20 million when Enquirer founder Generoso Pope died in 1988. In court, Lois testified that when Paul burned through that cache, she gave him $12 mil. Last year she wrote him a check for an additional $4 mil. Paul told reporters covering the trial he wanted $20 million again. When Lois took out kidnap insurance for Paul and family, he accused her of plotting to have him snatched and held for ransom. Stay tuned.