Major-Domo Of Mens' Style At GQ Magazine Gives Clues To Choose Clothes He Proposes

GQ's Jim Moore says, "Go back and try that new suit on five times!"

Having seen lines that despair doesn't throw him. "I like the limitations of menswear." Now 57, Moore grew up in Minnesota, and majored in fine arts, says, "When you add up the pants, the tie, the  shoes, it's probably a dozen pieces. You can do outrageous things and classic things and preppy things with those pieces, and that can  be really creative."

He recommends that guys get a canvas tote with a leather trim. It looks good with a suit because it  contracts a bit. You can double it as your gym bag and take it to the beach.

"There's nothing wrong with spending a lot of money if you have it. On cool sneakers. I wear Common Projects sneakers a lot. They're $475.
But they go with everything. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are good for keeping the white white."

He gets personal with his quizzer. "I don't understand shower gel. I've always been a bar soap person. I use Tom Ford soaps or ones I find in hipster boutiques in Williamsburg.

"Everyone looks good in aviator sunglasses. They represent an era I love -- the 70's. I've never worn a fragrance. Few people look good in elastic
waist swim trunks. I like a surfer trunk with a flat front."

His final statement was  a doozy; "I learn a lot by looking at the geezers. It's where we are in fashion right now."