Mike Piazza Toes The Mark With Miami City Ballet And 'Long Shot' Bio

He just looks "different" but says he's not gay. "If I was gay it wouldn't be a secret." That bit is delivered with a Noo Yawky shrug of his shoulders that delights the producer of "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" when he plays an intimidating 'hit man'.
He'll perform on  Friday at the Arsht Center but no slugger is he onstage. A former star with the New York Mets, he'll play an intimidating hit man with a performance like his stint with the Florida Marlins; it's  a cameo with several speaking lines but no dancing.
How did he get hooked? His 6-year-old daughter is a student at the Miami City Ballet school.
Daddy played at the world's biggest stage - the World Series -- so this role is more like a bagel in comparison. "As ballplayers, we are performers at heart. We love to make the crowd cheer and stand up. Unfortunately, baseball is a very humbling sport, so I never really got to let my personality out."
He concedes it's a small part he plays "but it's good for the city, for the culture and development of the arts, so it's a small thing for me to help out."