Mother's Day Will Be Here Before We Know It -- Give Her Baby Talk Instead of a Bo-kay!

Mother's Day Greetings

When my prayers were early said,
Who tucked me in my widdle bed,
And spanked me butt till it was wed,
Me Mudder.

Who lifted me from my cozy cot,
And sat me on an ice cold pot,
And made me "p", if I could not?
Me Mudder.

And when the morning light had come,
In my widdle cwib, I'd dribble some,
Who wiped my tiny widdle bum?
Me Mudder.

Who did my hair so neatly part?
And pressed me gently to her heart,
And sometimes squeezed me till I'd bang,
Me Mudder.

Definition of a Peeping Tom is a wolf window shopping.