Music, Beautiful Disturber Of Air, Glistens At Gables Music Club's "Play And Listen"

Carolyn Davenport plays piano like it was made to fit her fingers but her parody-writing tickles everyone, not just the piano keys. Her plays on words are laugh-laden.
Modest and unassuming, Carolyn wrote the parody curtain call, "Thanks for the Memories" which the cast sang with gusto and brio and all that wonderful eye-talian commentary. "Play and Listen" was the Coral Gables Music Club's big draw for a full house of listeners at the Coral Gables Museum.

Pat Clarke, whose husband Jay Clarke, caresses the keyboard, takes tons of photos with her iPod which she emails to members. What a treat to "Play and Listen" -- a club within a club who enjoy playing solos, duets, two piano music and singing. They meet once a month in member's homes for refreshments and making music. Once yearly they do it for the whole club. They have fun on the run.

Susan Johnson and Pat Bohn, not only chaired but shared keyboards. Susan's hubby Lester was emcee and Pat's husband Dick keyed up the ivories with comedian Graham Miller who tickled fancies with "Grandfather's Clock." Mannerly and adroit, Graham admits to 92.

"Where or When" with Frank Lynn and Julian Stein on piano led up to the finale. Julian played for Karen Shane, Carolyn Davenport, Graham Miller, Pat Bohn, and Ed English. Classical music started the session: Susan Johnson and Robert O'Donnell on twin pianos, Angelica Sganga and Huifang Chen on violin led up to "It's About Time."