Nearly One Out Of 7 Americans Are On Food Stamps! What About Feeding Pets

There Are People Who Cannot Afford To Buy Cat Food.

 Do we need a program to feed animals? What Marc Okon calls cooky-cutter sadness is feeding your human food to a pet and going hungry.
More than 47 million people get food stamps. Al Lewis, Dow Jones' columnist reports that Coca-Cola lobbies heavily to keep soda on the list of wholesome things to buy with food stamps. Taxpayers subsidize about $4 billion worth of soda sales each year. Look at the obesity rate pulling down the nation's health.
"Millions of pets are surrendered to shelters each year and euthanized because their owners cannot afford to feed them." Adds Okon, "The people in power were put there by fat cats, who have money and control. I see it  getting worse, decade after decade. I don't know what's going to change."