Nielsen Raking: You Feel Grate With Nutmeg! Perfect Airport Security Bares Bodies Scammers

Not ga-ga over sipping warm milk to get to sleep? Nuts to that! Grate a teaspoon of whole nutmeg to work as a sedative. Steep in a half cup of just-boiled water for 10 minutes.

Strain or allow solids to settle to the bottom. Drink a half hour before Sleepy Time climbs into bed with you. You'll zzzzzzzonk out!
Fare Play or Stop Pop? The perfect airport security system stands stern against the controversy of full-body scanners. News for you is a step-in booth that won't X-ray but will deteriorate any explosive device. So no more racial profiling; the system doesn't care what you look like. Passengers will hear a muffled explosion.
Shortly after the explosion there will be an announcement aimed at loudspeakers: "Attention, stand-by passengers: We now have a seat on flight #4665."