Open Wide -- Magnum Gold Ice Cream Bars Won't Drip On 24-Carat Gold Gown Worth $1.5 Million

Has the jet set gone beyond indulgence? Unilever asked big name designer Zac Posen to create a 24-carat gold gown. They're promoting Magnum Gold ice cream bars. Posen went beyond what they asked.A gown made from more than 10,000 paillettes hand cut from gold sheets took two weeks to hand-embroider the sequins into place.

"The dress mimics the liquid and sensuous quality of how ice cream melts," Posen told scribes and panting press-the-flesh types. Then added that both ice cream and fashion "represent decadence, sensuousness, and luxury -- something you wear or eat for your own indulgent pleasure."

Unilever says the dress is valued at $1.5 million big ones. Brazilian model and actress Caroline Correa will first wear it when she walks down a gold carpet Magnum has arranged during the Tribeca film festival on April18. They're making a commercial of Magnum Gold bars that airs on April 14 at the MTV Movie Awards telecast.