Palm Bay Club's After - Theatah Party For "African -Texas-Style" - Hugh O'Brian's Movie

Africa, and even Texas seem tame since Palm Bay Club's after-theatah party massaged monied minions.
Picture five hostesses who had zebra gowns made up which matched the startling tablecloths. Honored guest, movie star Hugh O'Brian whose Youth Foundation marks him as the charity's muse, also was burning brighter than klieg lights at the flick's world premiere.

You see, in the movie Hugh goes to Africa to tame a bronc...the zebra. With all the social lions jamming the club, the party was a roaring success. Over 300 took to the tables and tents outside, alternating dance steps to the rhythms of a society ork and rock 'n roll band, which played till 4 ayem. No one was humming "Show Me the Way to Go Home."

Handsome Hugh never got to sing because he couldn't compete with the revelers' noise. The chairman "owns the place," he said. But Connie Mrs. Carling) Dinkler hostessed the cocktail party with husband Carling -- Palm Bay is their "baby" -- at 6:30 p.m., before two busloads of guests left for the movie. Connie's zebra gown with plunging neckline and ostrich feather wrap was designed by socialite Jay Anderson of POSH.

Brownie (Mrs. Jock) McLean, her co-chairman, brought 50 Palm Beachites down down to Miami aboard air-conditioned buses stocked with bars and music. Brownie's zebra gown was designed by Ferro Ettihadiah of Palm Beach, side-split, draped harem-style. He also did Talu Chew's wrapped with side-tied supah-dupah dress. She flew down from New York to join Lady Nancy Hoyt Oakes and Sandra (Mrs. George) Volkert in hostess roles.

With Lady Oakes came Penny and Willie Turtle of Nassau -- he's an ocean racer. Sandra's sister, Susan (Mrs. Kermit) Stengel of Atlanta arrived. Founder of the Explorers' Club Lowell Thomas had to cancel at the last minute but sent two gorgeous table displays.

Floating in the pool was an African boat filled with wild orchids, while stuffed jungle animals stood their ground around the tables. Craig Morris was a drop-in but he won the Honda. Bob Jackson's daughter Lynn was a door prize winner also.

Prince "Obie" Obolensky came in the Palm Beach contingent. Many of them stayed overnight at Palm Bay (society's main watering hole on the bay) and made the backgammon and Bloody Mary scene the next ayem.

Miren and Willis duPont (of the Delaware duPonts) brought 10 guests; Yolanda and Dr. Jose Suarez of Bay Point invited her brother Rafael Trujillo Jr., (whose daddy is the infamous dictator), Jose Arteaga, Sebastian Martinez, and Dr. and Mrs. Ferdie Pacheco, whom everyone invites because he is a natural laugh-getter.

Television's "Chester" on "Gunsmoke" Dennis Weaver was here with his frau, so was TV biggie Ivan Tors and Metro Mayor Chuck Hall, whom I nominated as one of Miami's three best dressed men for Esquire magazine. (I knew its editor well from covering fashion collections.) The other two natty dressers were Miami Beach PR whiz Hank Meyer and Doctor-lawyer Larry Hastings. From African lobster tails to zebra, it was a swing-ding -- Palm Bay-style.