Palm Beachite, Lilly Pulitzer, Iconic Designer Print-cess Dies At 81

Lilly Pulitzer Parlayed Orange Juice Stains On Her Shifts To Make "The Lilly" A Grand Brand For Society.

Lilly's styles were as colorful as her bold personality. Never seeking fashionista as a lifestyle, she was anything but. She eloped with Peter Pulitzer at a young age and had three children.

One of them, Liza Pulitzer said, "We are so proud of her for accomplishments., but what she really left as her legacy was her heart. Mom never felt that she deserved all the accolades she got in the design world. She said she lucked into it. But those who knew her knew she had an amazing sense of design."

Nonetheless, dazzling-eyed Lilly created a style of brightly colored and preppy clothing that was a sensation in the 60s before becoming classics. Liza Pulitzer said that she, her sister Minnie Pulitzer McCluskey and brother Peter Pulitzer were all at their mother's bedside in her South County Road home when she died peacefully following a month-long decline.

 (My mother's name was Lilly and she used Simplicity Patterns to make my dress-up sheaths and a three-quarter length matching jackets that covered my bod while I covered Miami society.)

At the Junior League's first fashion show dinner, with foreign designer Emilio Pucci as their honoree, I interviewed him for my daily column. "That's a beautiful outfit," he commented. "Whose is it? (Meaning who made it?)
I flipped off a truism, "It's a Lilly." Pucci shot back, "Oh, I've heard of her." I couldn't wait to get home to tell Mom how famous her sewing had become.(And this was five years BEFORE Lilly Pulitzer!)