Rattle Your Jewelry If You Escaped The Tomfoolery Of April Fools' Pranks

Corporate advertisers went overboard to pull their customers' legs on the first day of April.

In case you missed seeing that April Fools' Day was canceled this year by the Presidential Commission on National Holidays, social media is at the bottom of this sucker punch.

Advertising researchers spied the wares of Procter & Gamble and Virgin Atlantic for social-media junkies.

"We've become a nation of holidays," Allsion Cohen, prez of PeopleTalk, said, adding, "April Fools' is the flavor of the month holiday where, if you give somebody a laugh, you can create goodwill for your brand."

Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Airways can never pass up April first. Branson's posting on his blog features a glass-bottom airplane to ensure passengers get an unparalleled flying experience." Procter & Gamble ran Facebook postings as well as print ads for a new bacon-flavored Scope mouthwash. "Kills 99.9% of bad-breath germs with 100% bacon taste."

Google Maps posted a video promoting a "treasure mode" that folks can click on to follow Captain Kidd's original treasure map clues, includig one map that can only be viewed when parachuting out of an airplane.

Lunch Meat DVDs take the lead. Red Box's post suggests selling much more than DVD's out of the familiar boxes. "We're delighted to offer a variety of DVD-shaped cold cuts including bologna, turkey and liverwurst."