Remember When Commercials First Trotted Out Suggestive Beckons? Downtown Rotary Heard This Speecg

How many of you did not wear a good, strong deodorant today?
Don't raise your hands...

Five-day deodorant pads would have to be the strangest product yet to emerge from the business mind.

Five-day deodorant pads sounds like a curse of some kind, doesn't it?

When you first heard about five-day deodorant pads, how many of you thought you had to WEAR them?

I always catch a few....

Two years I wore those pads. Lotta laughs at the beach.

"Look at that woman with things under her arm!"

Scope -- anybody here ever gotten a bottle -- or gave one to a friend?
(They think  you're trying to tell them something. Like "you've got bad breath.")

Bad breath - yeah - anybody can have bad breath. Except Marge, hers can knock a buzzard off a dead horse. If you run out of deodorant, go into your kitchen and get a bay leaf and stick it under your arm. Doesn't stop you from perspiring, but you smell like vegetable soup wherever you go.
Campbell's came out with Man-Handler -- hidden sex in commercials.
Does she -- or doesn't she? I'd walk a mile for a Camel. Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick?

Announcers with a passionate purr: "If I could get my hands on a Toyota!"  "Me and my Winstons, we have a real good thing!" "Show us your Larks!" (An invitation for a flasher?)

Cigarette beckons were obscene: (Doral) "Take me. Take me."

The one call bachelors fear..

Hello, this is Jane.
Jane? Jane who?
The Jane you met at a party about two months ago. You told me I was such a good sport.
Oh yes, Jane...How are you?
Pregnant. Yes, pregnant, and I'm going to jump out the window.
Say, you ARE a good sport, aren't you, Jane?