Scene And Heard Social Column, March 1,1962

One of the top drawer members of Surf Club was called by their office at 9133 Collins Avenue to ask the name of her escort for an upcoming ball. The socialite (who finds slim pickins in the stag line), replied, "Well, there's a painter here doing my house and he's handsome and single. If we put a tux on him, do you think anyone would know the difference?" Well, would they? (Alfred Barton, its consummate host undoubtedly would refuse.)


Guys and Dolls Fashion Show-Cocktail Party is what they're calling the second annual benefit of Little Guild of St. Francis. But, it's for animals. Veep Grace (Mrs. Gordon) Smith sez the Bal Harbour Yacht Club poddy Sunday night, 6 p.m. (with members modeling) is trying to build a shelter for abandoned and stray animals.

Mimi (Mrs. Rene) Torrado commands the group, which was named for St. Francis, patron saint of animals. Both Mimi and Rene are pairs for the stares (so good-looking are they) and Rene has S.A., say they. (Sex Appeal.)


"Night in Vienna," mit der valtz routine, und beer und such, at Sally and Bill Kappel's on April 8, benefits Mental Health Society. Add happy thought! The working committee is picking up the tab for the whole deal and meal. That way the pricey $15 ticket-donation goes to MHS!


Ever since Dick Maloy began putting out the University Club's newspaper, "Roundtable", a front-page article spotlighting two members has become a feature. Members would ask, "How do you pick 'em?" and were told, "by the screening committee." The selection followed no orderly fashion, like alphabetical. And inquiries persisted. Until now...

Finally, the secret's out. James, the bartender (at their Urmey Hotel hdqtrs.) plucks names out of a hat each time...

Incidentally, at one U Club party each year the drinks are on the house.
But nobody knows 'til they get there which party it is.