Shakespeare Was A Tax Dodgers And Ruthless Grain Merchant, Say Researchers (Naysayers)

We don't usually think of Shakespeare as having a J-O-B. Researchers at a Wales university say he led a parallel life as a hoarder and moneylender.

Why are researchers probing pasts of our greats and turning up smelly stuff?

"Shakespeare the grain hoarder has been redacted from history so that Shakespeare the creative genius could be born," they say in a paper they'll deliver in May at a literary festival, which should offend some stalwarts.
Want to hear what they say? "Over a 15-year period he purchased and stored grain, malt and barley for resale at inflated prices to his neighbors and local tradesmen."

Shakespeare "pursued those who could not (or would not) pay him in full for those staples and used the profits to further his own money-lending activities. Supposedly, he was guilty of tax evasion and in 1598 was prosecuted for hoarding grain during a time of shortage."