Susan Sarandon Speaks Candidly On Shoestring Wedding: "My Dress Was Velcro'd Together"

Susan did "The Big Wedding" to prepare herself for her daughter Eva's wedding in 2011. Chris Sarandon married her when they were students at Catholic University; she had three kids (her uppermost concern): Eva Amurri Martino, 28; Jack Robbins, 23, and Miles Robbins, whose dad is actor Tim Robbins.
"You spend your 20s trying to figure out who you are and what your voice is. I was hitting my stride in my 40s. My 60s haven't been too bad."

Her dream is to find projects where Jack would direct, Miles would do the music and "I would act."

Instead of exercise, Susan plays ping-pong. "I've made a movie called 'Ping Pong Summer' continues my interest in ping-pong and the clubs I'm franchising. We open in Dubai in May. I'm going there for the T-shirt alone."