They Made a Handsome Couple -- Evans and Connie Baros --She Walked In Beauty Booty

Not only did Connie Baros earn a degree in Cosmetology, and learn to fly, her smile would have fetched would-be buyers of whatever wears or wares she was selling. Evans owned Miami Rug Company which  gave them a good footing on the home in Coral Gables they treated with love for 48 years.
Movie-star beautiful, it was a natural for her to model for RKO Studios in Hollywood. Funny, she rarely mentioned her exploits; her news was about her "boys"  - Evans, son Evans, William (who survives) and grandchildren.
Connie volunteered (and I mean "worked") for many charities for 25 years. Young Patronesses of the Opera loved her cool presence; the Hope School and Dade Heritage Trust, Pearl Buck Foundation and National Trust for Historic Preservation had a "find" in her volunteerism. Even a house mother for boy's scout troop, plus a Sunday School teacher for first graders at Plymouth Congregational Church, Connie Baros helped to found The Ballet Society of Miami.
She was fleet of feet wherever she went; as welcome as sunny days in May. Those who wish to pay their respects can do so on Tuesday, April 23 at 11 a.m. in Plymouth Congregational Church for a memorial service in the Sanctuary.