Three New Sites For Your Kids' Sights On Weekends. On Site Places That Game

Who has time to plan weekend activities when you're under the gun at work?

Here are some ideas to break out of that same-old rut...

Make up your own kind of field trips. Did you ever think of visiting your local fire station? Check with the fire station to see whether they have tours available. Maybe your town's police station has open house hours.

Volunteer with an animal rescue organization. They would love to have extra help from pet lovers. Even simple tasks like taking the dogs for walks are greatly appreciated by staff members. Be a willing will love being "wanted and needed."

If you have time to pace the steps to take, a treasure hunt will occupy even the most jaded kids. Even the planning, which can take hours of prep time, entertains the small fry. Plant small items in your garden and around the house. Draw up a map and let the kids help. The expedition begins when you sound off -- "Follow Me!"