To Get Centered, In Touch With Your Spiritual Nature, You Can Dodge Feeling Overwhelmed

Reclaim your calm. Set clear boundaries when it comes to squeezing in events in an already busy time.

Lightly rest your palm over your heart in the mid-chest. This energy center is the doorway to compassion and spirit. Then, inwardly ask your spirit to connect with a higher power -- whether it's God, the starlit sky or a beneficent intelligence, whatever stirs you.

In your heart area, notice what you intuitively feel, not what you think. As you breathe, exhale pent-up negative emotions -- loneliness and worry -- and feel yourself responding to breathing in loving kindness.

Stay aware of your heart as it opens more and more, infusing you with compassion and gut feeling. You are now in a sublime and centered space. Stay there until you must return to your busy day.