Truth Be Told, Warren D. Holmes Made Polygraph And Herald Writer Gene Miller Famous

 Lie-detector expert Warren D. Holmes helped clear several wrongly convicted defendants, including Freddie Pitts and Wilbert Lee, who spent years on Death Row.
Miami Herald hero, the late Gene Miller said he owed his Pulitzer Prize to Warren's polygraph experience. For nearly 60 years, Holmes sought the truth with a Keeler Polygraph machine, that bordered on the clairvoyant, but those who knew Holmes said he was his own lie detector.

Gene Miller
A former corporate security expert John Tiffany said that Holmes was a pioneer in modern polygraphy who conducted 70,377 examinations as a private practitioner "and thousands" for the police department.

"His whole focus was on trying to understand human nature as it related to lying," said Tiffany. He never retired, said his daughter Debra Holmes. Read  Elinor Brecher's paean to Holmes, 85, which readers will enjoy on the front of the April 27th Miami Herald Local section.

He said instead of a funeral, he wanted friends to gather at Burger Bob's, which abuts Granada golf course, where he played regularly in a foursome.