We Were Big On I.Q.s In High School. My Boyfriend Denis O'Donovan, Had An IQ Of 164, Brainy!

Denis went to Ponce de Leon, the school with all the rich kids, and those who joined our "Dade, Jr." and "Teen" magazines like Carol Gullliver, whose parents started Gulliver School in their frame house, boasted of high IQs too.

as a mere 124 -- but I didn't put as much stock in IQ's as the Ponce proud ones. Denis had the highest IQ in Dade county, I was told. He had a brother Jerry who joined the Navy for a career; his parents had a Siamese cattery. One time when I was eating dinner at the O'Donovan's, a Siamese cat jumped from the top of a cabinet onto the dining room table. I was the
only one shook up.

Denis had three nervous breakdowns at Duke, was married three times and had three kids. He died in the VA hospital. I always thought too brainy meant a screwed-up life. We all put out the magazines because our friend Charlie Dacus was the money raiser. We were high school seniors and took the bus (4 cents) to downtown Miami to his office over the Paramount theater. Charlie had been a theatre usher at age 12 and became manager of the Paramount at 16. I guess no one knew your age in the theatre business

Mine w

Sally Delaplaine was on our first cover, a senior at Edison like me. Parker Art Printing on Alcazar Ave. did high school newspapers and also our magazines. Bland Bowers was the owner, and best friend all the kids who got their papers and magazines published. We'd take the Miami bus to Douglas Road and Coral Way and walk to the Alcazar plant. I got to wondering about why they don't do IQs in high schools anymore.

Probably because kids who found out thto ey had a high IQ got a "big head" about it. Nowadays, schools try to equalize everyone. From my observation, that doesn't work either.