When Arlyne The Birger Queen Had A Major Birthday, I Penned A Paean To Her Neck

Larry Birger's lovely mate turned 40 when it was like "leap from the cliff" time, ladies.

So I penned a song -- I'm a paean in the neck, I guess -- and sang it to her. Her close friend Nancy Green was there (not the Beach Nancy Greene of cigarette machine mazuma) and we all blew horns for her mirthday.

Here 'tis:

Arlyne, the Birger Queen
She's forever swearing off nicotine;
So please just hide your favorite brands,
Arlyne has "itchy hands" --
She just doesn't buy them.

Arlyne the Birger Queen
Married Larry when she was but a teen,
So please don't give that sweet thing any hassle,
He bought shares of Royal Castle
So now he's looking older.

Arlyne the Birger Queen
Has no hang-ups that are readily seen,
Except for being hung up on caffeine,
And a nice cuisine
And Larry home on Sundays.

Arlyne the BIrger Queen--
Football isn't her most favorite scene,
The pigskin she won't ever heave
Neither should son Steve
and neither should her husband.