WSJ; Overheard On The Street: Weather In Chicago Good For Grizzlies; It's Been Drizzly

Groupon shareholders want to make sure they pack an umbrella.

Actually, it is one Windy City building in particular over which clouds seem to have gathered -- 600 W. Chicago Ave. -- where a number of companies cofounded by Eric Lefkofsky, and in which he is still the largest individual shareholder, all have head offices.

One is InnerWorkings, which in mid-April reduced financial projections after a major customer took most of its business to a rival. Its shares dropped 25% on that news. Another is Echo Global Logistics. On Thursday, it reported first-quarter results that fell short of expectations. Its shares dropped 12% over two days. Groupon also calls that address home.

Besides holding a $700 million stake in the online coupon company, Mr. Lefkosky also assumed the co-chief executive role in February after former head Andrew Mason was fired.

Groupon reports its first-quarter results May 8. Lucky for shareholders. is forecasting "abundant sunshine."