"You Have To Love Your Kids Enough To Let Them Hate You, "Carol Burnett Writes

  Burnett's oldest daughter, Carrie, had brain and lung cancer in 2002. Before dying, she asked her mother to finish a screenplay she was writing. What appeared in print is Carol's story of her special relationship with her high-spirited daughter.

"It was therapeutic to write this," Carol told USA TODAY'S Craig Wilson."I felt Carrie on my right shoulder as I was writing. It's about our relationship, how much we were joined at the hip. I was hoping to bring Carrie's essence to the page. I felt good about it."

She confessed, "It wasn't always a love story. She wasn't the easiest daughter to raise, with her well-publicized drug addiction as a teenager. You have to love your kids enough to let them hate you," Carol admits.

"She was such a free spirit. She experienced joy on a daily basis. She loved people and wanted to get to know them. She dressed with boas. Her wedding was outrageous."

The story ended when she pulled on her ear lobe, as if to say "this conversation is over." She told Wilson, "Left ear lobe. It was measured years ago by a reporter from 'Life' and it's a half a millimeter longer, just by pulling on it all those years."