About 100,000 People Die Each Year Due To Medical Errors, Aka "Misdiagnoses"

How can we protect ourselves from the family physician's "guesswork" that impels deaths?
"So many patients are used to a parent-child relationship, but you want to be an equal partner?" says emergency room physician Leana
Wen, who co-authored "When Doctors Don't Listen: How to Avoid Misdiagnoses and Unnecessary Tests" based on her experiences as a clinical fellow at Harvard Medical School.
Here's how she views the visit: "The average doctor interrupts patients in 10 seconds," she says. "So practice telling your situation in that time frame. Tell a beginning, middle and end, and don't jump around."
It's up to you to tell the doctor what you are feeling and for the doctor to turn those symptoms into a diagnosis. "The most common form of diagnosis is no diagnoses at all. Challenge your doctors to come up with something. Tell them you want to know what they are thinking. What are two or three things you think this is? Trust your instinct. You can tell the doctor how you feel. Ask questions. You know  your body better than anyone."