Bacall To Bogie; 'If You Want Me, Just Whistle' Nearly Made "Key Largo" A Musical

That movie changed Rock Harbor's name to Key Largo--because Humphrey Bogart's star appeal put the fledgling Upper Keys community on the world map.

He and Lauren Bacall put their tousled heads together often enough that now a half-century after his cancer death at 57, Bogie will never age because he's part of the pop culture conversation. Mostly because he and Lauren Bacall had such a realistic romance.

Rare memorabilia is on display at the Holiday Inn in the Upper Keys; the wedding ring he gave Bacall, a century-old sailing stopwatch, original Time magazine paintings of Bogart, antique movie posters and original cartoon frames of Bogart and Bacall. A check from President Truman to Bogey was because they bet the sex of the first kid. In 1999, Bogart was rated the number one male movie star of all time.

Small wonder the Humphrey Bogart Film Festival that runs today through Sunday. "It's the perfect place," says their eldest child, Stephen, who adds, "It's also home to the African Queen, a 30-foot riverboat where Bogart and Katherine Hepburn acted many scenes on location in Africa.

Since there is only one theatre in the Upper Keys, email for venues for 20 films.