Carl Reiner, 91, And Mel Brooks, 87, Didn't Fritter Away Their Twitter Comedyfest

 People in the background are hiding behind book covers with Reiner front and center; no doubt they wanted to corner the 2,000 year old man at today's ComedyFest. But as TECH goes, these two go YECH!

Reiner asks Brooks, "Do you know what internet is?" His answer: "A guy who pushed his net between two guys fishing. It would be the inter-net." Reiner says, "No, the internet is two guys talking to each other. Two wires. Brooks says, "We used to call that the living room."

Laughing yet? Neither am I. All I can figure out is that they kicked off the Twitter #comedyfest at the Paley center (no doubt renamed Palsy for that occasion) and it's supposed to be where comedians tweet jokes and post videos. Reiner says Brooks "Twitters in his head."

For what it's worth, Reiner has an iPad, Windows PC and a cellphone. Brooks doesn't.

Brooks says, "I stopped at a watch. I thought it was a little magical. I used to wear a sundial, but my wrist got so heavy at the end of the day, I didn't know where my shadow was going to fall."

Too bad the 2,000 year old Man had zero to say. Makes your day??