College Not Right For Every Grad- Costs Too Much For Simple Jobs

Daddy didn't want me to go out with college boys. He lived through the Depression and saw college grads digging ditches because they didn't have a clue about how to earn a living. (Their jobs and "future" were a family arrangement.)

Earning a bachelor's degree is no guarantee you'll be hired for a job. Rich boys didn't have to worry; Dad paid the bills. Marriages arranged between families are counting on that college degree to give grads an "edge" for ongoing beneficient relationships.

How beastly for poor but dedicated students to miss out on school if they aimed on becoming a doctor or a lawyer. I wasn't a fan of Betty Friedan, liberating women from second-class status. Some of her beneficiaries had good reason for an inferiority complex: they WERE inferior. Brookings Center did an analysis which hammers home that it's vanity that drives students to attend college. They want a degree but their future gets crippled by large student loans and especially for those who take on debt but drop out of school, the study found.

One of the study's mores startling statistics is that 170 of the 853 schools had a negative return on investment. Schools lose money too. Students take an ego trip by becoming Joe College. Their reality will eventually make them regret paying college tuition when they could learn to earn a living by showing up at work.