Famous Last Words Enumerated To Give You A Drop-Dead Disaster

Famous Last Words By Socrates
                                          "A Good Hemlock But Not A Great Hemlock."

 Famous First Words -- "I Am Not A Baby" -- Richard Nixon.

"What This Country Needs Is More Short-Haired Music." -- Walter Vaughn.

  "An Unsung Hero Is One Who Knows He Can't Sing -- And Doesn't." -- Elliot Roosevelt.

"Is There Any Music As Sweet As That Of A Car Starting On A Cold Morning?" -- Henry Ford.

"The Trouble With Country Music Is That It Doesn't Stay There." Arturo Toscanini."

 "Nature Gave Men Two Ends -- One To Sit On And One To Think With. Man's Success Or Failure Is Dependent On The One He Uses Most." --- Spoken Behind The Hand. By The Late Speechifier Walter Wilson.