Fly High To See Sea Changes In The Caribbean: Beachfront House For $4000,000 In St. Croix

 In the Bahamas, Great Exuma, for example, luxury resort houses have fallen to $350 a square foot, whereas in 2008 those squared feet each cost $1000!

Hop for an opportunity to get a part-time or getaway grand house in the Caribbean. Prices have started an upturn according to national experts whose maps are delectable!

Turks and Caicos sales volume has increased steadily over the past year but, in general, prices continued to decline in 2012. The former CEO of Morgan Stanley has bought property in the British Virgins.

The Caymans stay relatively strong because of the number of banks headquarters there and a large number of full-time expat residents. Many government officials go there to visit their "special" accounts. The Caymans are a stop-by on their fall exodus from Congress.

Navigating the ups and downs of the island market, where slashed prices and a vast stock of empty luxury condos are attracting vacation-home buyers looking for deals -- is a fun episode for any couple who long to put romance back into their lives.

What could be better than staring at a moonlit ocean in motion while sipping a potent potion or two? Make that for a couple. Of people, that is. How happy can you feel drinking in the moon-spanked ocean alone?