Found; Washington Letter On Hexagon Club's Annual Spoofing Of The Capital...

Here's what I sent by Telex to John Fairchild of Woman's Wear Daily:

Hexagon Club's annual spoofing of the Capital, this year called "On The Rocks," was presented only a stone's throw away from the Kennedy Georgetown home but some of the first nighter outfits were way out in left field.

The "beat look" mingled with brocaded jacket suits with matching pumps. Black-stockinged, ponytailed and Charles Addams looking were some of the younger girls. But, as one Georgetown resident put it, "Anything goes in this section. In fact, it's de rigeur to be offbeat."

Nile green satin cape coat and matching sheath was worn by Mrs. Albert Gore, accompanied by her Tennessee Senator-husband and the Blake Clarks. Socialite Mrs. Arthur Gardner wore a black wool coat with stand-away collar over sapphire blue brocaded jacket dress.

Probably the most chic women in the auditorium were the usherettes. One wore a black silk sleeveless dress with softened bodice and very short flared skirt.


POOR-PEOPLE-OF-PARIS DEPT.; French Ambassador and Mme. Herve Alphand were about to dine at the Peruvian Embassy the other night when they got the news their chateau-like residence was on fire.

Upon reaching the house, madame whipped upstairs and changed from her soignee dinner gown into what looked like a Dior wool suit and boots.

"Tell madame to be quick!" urged the ambassador, for fire hoses sent water cascading from the third floor into their second floor apartment. She was scurrying back and forth, retrieving her "priceless" French wardrobe from water and smoke damage. Result: all saved, some cleaning due.

Members of the Women's National Democratic Club heard Sen. George Smathers (D-Fla.,) at luncheon recently.

Connie (Mrs. Joseph C.) Casey, club president, who looks like movie star June Allyson, wore a three-button short-jacket black silk faille suit and received guests with Mrs. Albert Gore, who wore a softly pleated navy blue crepe dress with a double strand of pearls at the scooped neckline. -- JOAN McHALE.