"German Princess Comes A-Visiting" My Onlooker Column Scooped Miami Herald May 26, 1967

Princess Alexandra von Hohenlohe, cousin of Queen Elizabeth, spent a relaxing vacation here with Mr. Alfred E. Raia, 2211 Segovia Circle.

Come summer, Mrs. Raia, whose husband was formerly assigned to Italy, with her post-deb daughter Patricia, will visit the Princess and her parents in Dusseldorf, West Germany. Patricia is a junior at Barry College.

A member of Germany's highest ranking families, the Princess had entertained Queen Elizabeth recently, before embarking on a trip to South America and Surinam for Salzgitter, commercial consultants.

German consul, Clare Mendel and his frau Nancy entertained in the princess' honor at their Windsor Lane home on La Gorce Island. Mrs. John Murrell Jr, gave a reception at the home of her mother, Mrs. Cyril Vivian, 1432 Brickell Ave.


Her engagement announcement will put the frosting on her birthday cake Sunday. Palma and Woody Kepner will celebrate daughter Dawn Annette Kepner's birthday and tell their dinner guests she's engaged to marry Glenn Stallings Kendrick.

Dawn's dad is president of Woody Kepner Associates, leading public relations firm. Dawn's Dad, Woody was graduated from Marion Military Institute , attended the University of Alabama, where he joined Theta Xi fraternity. His dad is Miami mortgage banker Fuller Kendrick.


The 97th birthday of C. DeWitt Rodgers marks a momentous occasion for his family -- daughter Florence Bruce and grandson Ted Bruce -- so they will gather to make happy sounds at Mrs. Bruce's Brickell Town House digs tonight. Close friends, plus Ted's wife, designer Mary Bruce make it Happyville.


Movers: Kay and Lawrence Hollander (she's the "We Try Harder" gal who just opened a world reservation office for Avis), beckoned buddies for a long weekend shot a the Nassau Beach Hotel . Gang members include the Melvin Lessers, Stanley Levines, Fred Aronsons, and the Marvin Popkins.


Sallie (Mrs. Sonny) Shepherd and Betty (Mrs. William E,) Rogers have been close friends for years. "Our kids knew each other when they were little," says the ebullient Sallie.

So when Earl Snavely Poor entered the Jordan Marsh personnel office, where Sherilou Shepherd was working, she asked did he remember the Shepherds: "I'm Sherilou," she told Earl, better known as Skip.

Now they are planning for a Sept. 2 wedding at All Souls Episcopal Church. Skip's dad is Rear Adm. Richard L. Poor. He's at U-M now, after attending Severn School in Maryland. Sheri-Lou's college was Southern Seminary Junior College, now she's an assistant buyer. Sonnie and Sally of 597 NE 55th Ter. will be married 25 years in August. Bet the wedding takes precedence over a silver anniversary party. Sonnie is Wometco's unofficial mayor of Flagler Street running the Miami Theatre and "the neighborhood."