Give Cold Shoulder To 'Batwings' -- Armed With Dare You Bare It?

Going under the knife are Miami women who want their "batwings" clipped...

Those sagging flabs of flesh have made upper-arm lifts the new picker-upper. Plastic surgeons call this a "brachioplasty" and that lift is pasting a smile back on the faces of women who wanted to bare arms but needed needling by pros.

While the economy was sagging, the number of brachioplasty operations soared nearly 4,400 percent in the past 12 years. ..from 338 in 2000 to 15,457 last year.
Patients say the same reasons made them do it -- a lifelong wish to go sleeveless.

There's so much sunshine in South Florida that baring arms raises charm, not alarms, as long as the excess flesh doesn't flash.

One woman said she admired Michelle Obama's "guns" --- "Her arms were my goal."

The vast majority of women who seek upper arm lifts have lost a considerable amount of weight, leaving them with excess skin in a numbr of places -- the most visible being the back of the arms.

Most of the women who got the procedure done last year were older than 40, an age where the skin doesn't bounce back like it used to, say plastic surgeons' groups.

It's not a painless procedure, however. For about $6000, upper-arm lifts can sometimes leave a seam (scar) on the inner arm. Recovery time lasts from two to six weeks.

With the economy improving, women are looking at their physical areas to do likewise. A 60-year-old whose daughter gave her a brachioplasty as a birthday present, says she feels so good about it, she'd recommend it to anyone.