Guess Who's Forgotten Their Mission? Press Corps Lie To Each Other, Become Press Corpse

                                Have They Spent Too Much Time At The Bar? Noshing's Doing It.
Columnist Margaret Carlson is legit; she wears a by-line. The press is giving away "buy-lines" to so-called "newsmakers." No-talent types that reporters befriend and turn into "stars."
At one time,
The White House Correspondents' Association was limited to those who had their photo taken for a badge worn to admit them to the inner White House. At their annual dinner, which became a fund-raiser instead of a genuine fun-raiser, their non-writing special guest was the President.

Since it became the self-defeating press corpse, the objects of their affection who nominally belong in a house of correction, are nobodies they made into "somebody."

Take Kim Kardashian. You take her. She's what's wrong with puff-licity. A nobody with no talent unless you count horizontal gymnasty.
What was so special about Kardashian that she, Kris Jenner and Sofia Vergara were "comped" to the plush dinner? Or do they show up because nobody knows how to get rid of them?