How To Lose Pounds And Turn Your Life Around

Models stay slim by not eating anything after 3 p.m.
I kept that as my center sentry.
What you eat for breakfast should be your biggest meal. Eat like a king to start your day. Eat like a pauper if you must show up for dinner.
For  breakfast I have lox salmon (a two-inch portion) and a hard-boiled egg, a piece of raisin bread with a slice of provolone cheese on top.
To minimize calories I pour hot coffee on my small soup plate of granola, nuts, and raisins. (Milk adds calories any time of the day or night.)
I drink a glass of water besides a large cup of coffee. By drinking coffee and/or green tea during the day, it fills up any empty feelnig you have. 
Staying preoccupied with a game, project or any form of entertainment keeps one's thoughts away from food. Play dominos, bridge, poker, whatever winds your clock.
I buy 90 calorie Quaker Oats granola bars for moments my tum feels meager or eager for nourishment. Or eat a small cup of applesauce. Or a banana. A piece of fruit taken whenever is good for your well-being. Bananas not only fill  your tummies with good nutrition, they keep the "bugs" away from your evacuations.
And chew sugarless gum if you feel pangs of emptiness. I went down two sizes in one year by not thinking I was on a diet, but eating my most caloric foods before 12 o'clock.
You don't need a Martha Stewart giving you new-trition news that's ancient. Become your friend and rejoice when you slip on a blouse that choked you two months ago.
Little by little you'll be fit and fit into your favorite outfits.