Jackie Gleason Theater Built With 'Schtick' Adds Stone's Comments Re MB Convention Center

With spicing up by veteran publicist Huffington Post writer Roger Stone's analysis of the "barn of a house-turned-studio for the Gleason Show, was transformed into the popularized   when Zev Buffman produced Jerry Herman's "Mack and Mabel" starring Lucie Arnaz, in a glittering production that brought her parents, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz to town.
Charlie Cinnamon,

''Having been on the scene in those wildly colorful glamor days, I recall those years as a parade of 'shtick' in which Jackie did open the world of Miami Beach to those who yearned for a winter in the sun," Charlie adds his glamour to the clamor for what was to come. And still will.

The Portman-CMC plans to continue an edifice with color in its complex-sun, and
Charlie Cinnamon is still onboard, for which we yammer with amore and know that clamor for glamour never dies when those who reign never loosen their reins on stage coaching. Amid coaxing.