Jacobs And Sophia Are Still Number One Choice In Naming American Babies...

 Social Security Administration list of top baby names in 2012,  Jacob and Sophia were tops in 2011 as well.

With names as old as the hills, at first blush it would seem couples "in the family way" want to get on the good side of their living forebears.
The biggest jumps In popularity among the top  500 are Major (boy) and Arya, the name of a TV character on HBO's series "Game of Thrones." Those-in-the-know say that "Major"  is a tribute to the brave members of U.S. military. Next year, they expect "General" to be a top choice.

Laura Wattenberg, author of "The Baby Name Wizard" (its 3rd  edition) says that everyone wants to be unique. "Whether we mean to or not, we are encoding our own values, hopes and dreams in our children's names."