Join Me As We Sing To Tom -- "Hanks For The Memory" -- America's Most Trusted Man

Do as "Reader's Digest" says -- put your trust in Tom Hanks, forget banks.

It is not known whether they entrusted him with coin of the realm...penny ante doesn't count ...

Their June issue - due out on Tuesday -- lists the Most Trusted People in America. They found a color photo of Tom Hanks/ It's a wonder because newspapers don't have "morgues" anymore (library, to you sis-tuh) where they used to keep files on VIPs in case of sudden deaths.

Sandra Bullock can be trusted most of all the women they dug up.

Lowest scores went to Tom Cruise (men) with 27% votes; Kristen Stewart only totted up 25% votes of yes. Never heard of her... Talking pictures succeed because actors follow a script. What does the awe-dience get without a rundown?