Lucky For Isabella Rossellii That Her Mother Was Ingrid Bergman, Legendary Actress

Would you believe Isabella is already 60 years old? Her father was Roberto Rossellini, who produced Ingrid Bergman films, while making himself more famous as her lover.

"Mamma's" is the name of the name for Isabella's series of film shorts about the maternal instinct in animals. Yes, the films debut on Mother's Day on Sundance Channel and

"I was inspired to tackle 'Mammas' after reading several books by female biologists." A lifelong science enthusiast, Rossellini says, "It was a relief to know - that there are a million ways to be agood mother." She explored mothering in the animal kingdom.

During her stint on celluloid, one had only to say the word "Ingrid" and not even show her photo. It was instantaneous the love affair her awe-dience felt for the Swedish natural beauty. Young girls tried to copy her hair-do and poise but Ingrid was self-made and natural. It was the highest of compliments to be told, "You remind me of Ingrid Bergman."

Which reminds me of the story about Barbra Streisand during her hey-day. A customer goes to a beauty salon and says to her stylist, "Make me look like Barbra Streisand," so the beautician picked up a brush and broke the client's nose.