Maria Shriver Ditching Ahr-nold Will Drop Anchor On Women's Issues At NBC

Like old times, for she started there in 1986. It was 2004 when hubby dear called for her to play First Lady at Cali-FORNIA.

She'll be based in El-Lay. And bet on it, Shiver will make them shiver. ******

And while in La-La Land, focus on that shot of smiley Catherine Zeta-Jones with hubby Michael Douglas with grim-try-to-grin shot as they announce she's having doctors monitor her bi-polar condition. It used to be called manic-depressive but bi-polar makes you think of inanimate objects.

Usually when a movie star couple pose for cameras it's the first step to separate quarters. And when hubby dear looks like the Brother Grimm, pity him. Big Time.

Severe mood swings and depression "do not make it easy to manage health in an optimum manner," is how her rep, Cece Yorke put it.