Moods Hover But Remedies Grow On Trees And Seeds 'Natcherly'

For emotional upsets - try flower remedies to the rescue:

Bach Original Flower Remedies were printed in Bottom Line's "Natural Healing" book, so here goes with their homeopathic formulas for when you feel anxious, despondent or generally out of sorts.

Emotional Symptoms Remedy

a smile hides your troubles Agrimony Unidentified anxiety Aspen Critical and Intolerant Beech Weak will, seeks praise Centaury Doubting your judgment Cerato Fear of losing control Cherry plum Making same mistakes Chestnut bud Controling others Chicory Lack of motivation Clematis Self-embarrassment Crab apple Responsibility-torn Elm Self doubts Gentian Hopelessness Gorse Loneliness Heather Jealousy Holly Dwelling in past Honeysuckle Unexplained sadness Mustard Not giving up (but should) Oak Exhaustion (mental too) Olive Dissatisfied Pine Fear for a loved one Red Chestnut Extreme Terror Rock Rose Despair Sweet chestnut Too influenced by others Walnut Unfulfilled ambitions Wild Oat Bitterness Willow