One Dish Meals Offer A World Of Tastezs, American, Greek, Swiss, Italian And French

 Kick off your summer with a stuffed burger that packs a delicious surprise...
Make four loose balls out of a pound and a half of ground chuck. Press an ounce of cheese into the center of each of these balls. Make a shallow indentation in center of each patty by flattening the cheese into the center. Make sure the cheese is not exposed.

Heat grill to medium-high. Grill patties over direct heat 10 to 12 minutes; flipping once.

Lightly toast 4 buns. Serve burgers on buns with crisp bacon, lettuce and red onion.

To salute the Swiss, use their cheese, serve on rye bread toped with dill pickle chips.

Going Greek? Use feta cheese, serve in a split pita pockets topped with spinach.

Italian? Use mozzarella; serve on Italian bread topped with warm tomato sauce.

French use blue cheese for burgers; serve on baguette slices topped with caramelized onions.