Pills To Block Babies Give Bigger Bosoms To Brides --- Doth My Cup Runneth Over?

Ever since "the pill" came on the market, prospective brides are put on the anti-pregnancy pill by their emdees. Some docs tell -- some don't.

But weigh-ins have proved that the nightly pill will make their gowns fit too snugly come wedding bells' first ping.

Known in the trade as the "final fitting," some doctors prescribe birth control pills before the wedding tog give their bodies time to adjust and stabilize before the pill is actually needed to prevent playgrounds from becoming baby bins.

The problem is so real the one chain of bridal salons in Michigan reports it now makes gowns with extra material at the back and bust line, to allow for 'premarital bloom,' as one wag put it, in her women's magazine newsy tidbit.