Sneak Peak At Men's Lapel --They're High, Wide And Then Some

Men's suits have sported slim, subtle notch lapels for years -- until designer Tom Ford and fast-fashion retailer Zara -- have zeroed in to nudge men into bolder, more pronounced lapels.
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Some men are going for the high wide look. Other lapels are peaking upward. And in some spring collections, they show flights of fancy from the winners in menswear in recent years.

Designers are hoping that men who want to "stay current" will hanker for these fashion-forward alternatives.It means single-breasted jackets with one or two button-down points will offer a growing range of looks. Narrow notch lapels, wide-notch lapels, narrow-peak lapels and wide-peak ones. Designers who have signed on for these designs include Alexander McQueen, Billy Reid, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, and J. Crew.
The average guy buys a new suit every two and a half to three years, according to analysis by the NPD Group, a retail information provider. In the world of fashion, that's an eternity.

Unless a man has a lifestyle change, job interview, formal family event, or lifestyle change, like divorce, or his suit no longer fits, the SOS stays in his closet and covers his positive posture. More formal lapels are typically found on tuxedo jackets. It's a retro, dandy style, if you will.

Getting a man into a new suit takes some doing. It doesn't happen to men who get cited as those who can't Ben Dover...