Supercharge Your Iron...Let's Get Foiled --Not Spoiled

Even with all these wrinkle-free clothes in your closet, you still have to drag out the iron once in a blue moon to keep your outfits smooth.

It  makes your ironing easier whether you have clothes without slashes that crashes your impression.

Place one sheet of aluminum foil --shiny side up -- between the ironing board and the fabric ironing board cover. The foil will reflect the heat from the iron, so your ironing gets done faster and better.

Or lightly spray your clothing with warm water (rather than cold) -which will help the iron's heat to penetrate the clothes quick as a sticker, and work out those problem wrinkles.

Keep their eyes on your clothes, not on the wisps that graze your face. To be sure, spray your face each morning with a double click from St. Ives renewing cream. It works, folks. Do it twice a day or even more -- it's collagen renewing.

I got it as a birthday gift and shelved it for weeks before I tried it on my visage. Do the deed...everybody deserves renewing.