Telling It Like It Is -- Journalists Are Story Tellers (Some Are True - Some Are Bogus)

Some of you may remember my byline in The Miami News. And later, the Miami Herald. I even did a two-year as a talk show personality on WKAT from noon to 2 Monday through Friday.

What these mediums share in common is that we are story tellers. Television people are lucky, though. No one cares if they can spell. But, they have to LOOK GOOD. And sound good.

I grew up in Miami, before TV, before clothier Austin Burke would turn himself into a human artichoke, wearing a thick mantle of jackets which he would doff with his spiel.

Before hotels sectioned off Miami Beach into adult sandboxes. Before news was wrapped round five pounds of ads.

A long time ago, news was carried by Greek messengers. They didn't live long enough to get fallen arches. If they brought bad news, they lost their heads.

Then came the town criers, who lived longer. Even when there was nothing going on, town criers rang a bell and shouted in the ether waves, "All is well." They were the first walking alarm clocks.

Miami may be in the state of Florida but it's really in a state of flux. It covers more territory than a town crier can relate. Although we do have our moaners and groaners. A lot of news we get these days is bad. Which has the effect of hoisting a sign in front of you that says, "Look Out!"

Yet, the flip side of that is OUTLOOK. Which is why I'm here. Utopia this is not. But maybe I can soften hard news by helping you to grin and bear it.

On Channel 4 they dreamed up the "Live Eye." From me you'll get a wink.
The Flip Side is the name of my column in Social magazine. If not the town crier, why not the town laugher?

What's the point of taking life so seriously? Did you EVER know anyone who got out of it alive?